How do I learn in the Josh Bersin Academy?

The Josh Bersin Academy is a unique and integrated learning experience, designed to give you macro-learning and micro-learning (in the flow of work) support throughout your career. There are three different ways to learn and participate in the Josh Bersin Academy:

  1. Programs: Programs provide a deep dive into the key strategic topics that are at the forefront of HR today. They are collaborative and intensive learning experiences designed to help you think differently about the challenges facing our profession.

  2. Resources: Resources are short, modular learning content that cover the latest knowledge, tips and skills required to develop as an HR professional. Resources are continually updated but also carefully curated.

  3. Community: Community is driven by the Academy members. It is where you can ask your fellow HR professionals questions and share your own experiences and expertise. Hand picked HR and talent experts will also make contributions to the Community.

We also offer quarterly webinars hosted by Josh Bersin. Webinars are exclusive to members and will cover the key themes that emerge from the Academy itself.

How do I take Programs?

Programs are team-based and time-bound. That means you study each Program with a team of fellow HR professionals for a fixed period of time, usually four to five weeks. Programs have a scheduled start and end date. You can check out our current Program schedule here.

The total time commitment for each Program is about 4-6 hours. We recommend setting aside one hour per week to complete the Program but you can spend more time in one week and less in another depending on your schedule. You can also break up that 1 hour into 10-15 mins per day if you prefer. It’s totally flexible and designed to meet your needs. After a Program finishes, you’ll still have access to it for as long as you have a user license.

Enterprise buyers can study Programs with colleagues from their company only and can set their own Program schedule.

How do I use Resources?

Resources are designed for you to access on demand, according to your own learning interests and goals. Resources are carefully categorized and tagged according to the type (e.g. primer or research) and HR subject. Keyword search makes it easy for you to find what you need.

Each Resource takes three to ten minutes to complete. Recommended Resources help you develop personalized learning paths.

How do I join the Community?

The Community is a place where you can interact with all members in the Josh Bersin Academy, from different organizations, industries and geographies. To participate just become active in the Community; share your ideas, ask questions, reply to the questions from your peers, and share resources you think your fellow professionals would find useful.

The Community will also feature contributions from recognized HR and talent experts, including Josh Bersin, with whom you’ll have the opportunity to interact directly.

What topics are covered?

The Josh Bersin Academy covers all HR topics. However, our Programs tend to take a future focused approach, emphasizing those topics and trends that will shape the future of HR for years to come.

Our Resources and the Community cover everything from HR strategy and employee experience, to diversity and inclusion and talent management.

Who should join the Josh Bersin Academy?

The Josh Bersin Academy is designed for HR and talent professionals at all levels— from those just entering the profession to those leading teams or entire HR functions. Members come from all job roles in HR, all industries, and a diverse mix of cultures and countries. The Academy is for individual HR and talent practitioners, HR teams in small to medium sized enterprises, and as an enterprise solution for large, global organizations.

How much does the Academy cost?

The Josh Bersin Academy has plans for individual learners, teams, and organizations of all sizes. Please visit our pricing page for details and to find the plan that's right for you.

Can I invite my team?

Yes, our Teams plan is for small HR teams of 5-50 people. The Teams plan gives you analytics on the individual performance of your people in the Academy, as well as additional on-boarding support. You can enroll up to 20 people using our online enrollment system. If you want to enroll more than 20 people, contact us.

Can I invite my entire HR Organization?

Yes, our Enterprise plan is for large HR teams of 50+ people. Our Enterprise plan offers larger organizations a suite of customization options, deeper analytics and a personalized on-boarding service. Contact us to schedule a demo.

Can I get credit for what I learn in the Josh Bersin Academy?

You’ll receive a certificate of completion for each Program you complete. Your certificates will be stored in your profile on the Josh Bersin Academy and you can post your certificates to your LinkedIn profile.

If you are a SHRM or HRCI certified member, you can earn credits for Programs you complete in the Josh Bersin Academy.

We also have plans to add more ways to earn credits and certificates in the near future, so stay tuned.

Can I access the Academy on my phone?

Yes, the Josh Bersin Academy is built as a mobile-first web application. You can access the Academy using the browser on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. On a PC or Mac, we recommend using Chrome, although the application will work just as well on Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, or Edge.

Are there teachers or facilitators in the Academy?

Each team has a facilitator to guide you through the Program. Their main job is to ensure conversations stay on track and nudge each team to complete the Program in the given time frame. Facilitators are not teachers; their role is to ensure members get the most out of the learning experience.

In addition, invited HR Experts will participate in the Community, giving you the opportunity to interact directly with thought leaders and trail blazers from various HR fields.

What is Josh Bersin’s role in the Josh Bersin Academy?

Josh is the founder and dean of the Josh Bersin Academy. He is instrumental in determining the Programs offered, the recruitment of executives and subject matter experts for interviews and faculty, and overall content quality. Josh’s research findings, ongoing conversations with HR and talent leaders from all over the world, and his unparalleled knowledge of the evolving HR technology market will continue to inform the Academy’s direction as we grow.

Josh hosts a quarterly webinar exclusive to Academy members and he’ll also pop up from time to time in the Community, posting comments and replying to your posts.

Who is Nomadic Learning?

Nomadic Learning is Josh’s partner in the Josh Bersin Academy. Nomadic’s integrated digital learning solution helps individuals and teams adopt new ways of working and thinking that transforms functions, organizations, and entire professions.

The Josh Bersin Academy combines Josh’s deep insights and thought leadership with Nomadic’s creative content production capabilities and cutting-edge learning platform.