Why digital learning for HR?

We founded the Josh Bersin Academy because we realized that HR was
changing—and fast. HR's new role at the strategic center of business
demands a new way of learning: an online capability academy where
learners connect, share ideas and grow.

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A global community for HR professionals at every stage in their career

Our community includes people in every area of the HR function, from leaders in the field to those just getting started. One of the things our members love best is sharing challenges and victories with their colleagues from more than 130 countries around the world.

Cohort-based learning for human resource professionals

Our digital cohort-based academy helps HR professionals get the capabilities they need to tackle today’s biggest business challenges. Whether you’re looking for a complete solution for a large enterprise or agile and community-based learning for small teams or individuals, the Josh Bersin Academy can kickstart your transformation today.

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Our Partnership

The Josh Bersin Academy was co-created by Josh Bersin and Nomadic, the global leader in digital cohort-based learning with more than a decade of experience creating cohort-based academies. This means you get the best of both worlds: Josh Bersin’s groundbreaking human resources research and insights, all in an online academy powered by the best cohort-driven learning on the market today.

About the Josh Bersin Company

The Josh Bersin Company partners directly with executive teams to transform their HR and people strategy with insights from research, peers, their own teams, and the HR market’s leading analyst, Josh Bersin. As change in the market has accelerated, The Josh Bersin Company has developed new, cutting-edge ways of collecting and analyzing insights from these various sources so that clients are always kept one step ahead of change.

Together, The Josh Bersin Company and Josh Bersin Academy offer a complete, end-to-end human resources transformation for enterprises looking to meet the challenge of and thrive in a rapidly changing industry and world.

About Nomadic

Nomadic is a digital Academy that helps people and organizations succeed amidst uncertainty and empowers teams to thrive through change. The global leader in cohort-based learning—boasting a completion rate of 86%—Nomadic has transformed more than 150,000 managers into leaders for the Fortune 500 and beyond, including clients like IBM, Unilever, PepsiCo, Kaiser Permanente, and more.

As co-creator of the Josh Bersin Academy, Nomadic takes the insights from The Josh Bersin Company and works directly with Josh and other HR SMEs to distill them into high-impact, scalable digital courses that help HR organizations adapt rapidly to the changing demands and capabilities required to compete and succeed.