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Accelerate your HR capabilities.

Keen to develop professionally but unsure where to invest your time? Start by curating your personal set of Capability Accelerators in the Academy with The Josh Bersin Company’s Capability Assessment.

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Drive professional growth and organizational maturity by building future-focused skills.

HR leaders and practitioners want to advance their skills. Leaders want a way to benchmark their teams’ capabilities. Contributors want to understand their strengths and weaknesses better, and everyone’s looking for new ways to develop their skillset.

We created the Global HR Capability Project to address the heroic role of HR. Our worldwide initiative creates a benchmark reference for capabilities and addresses the demand for continuous growth in the HR profession.

Thousands of practitioners have completed the assessment. Join them.

of HR professionals feel equipped with the capabilities needed to provide excellent value according to Josh Bersin Company Research.
of organizations have the highest growth rates and outperform their competitors in key HR skills areas, like coaching individuals and consulting with business leaders

What can you learn from the Capability Assessment?

Personal Benchmarking Intel

The HR Capability Assessment allows individual practitioners to benchmark themselves against 8,000 global professionals to know where they stand on critical capabilities.

HR Team Capabilities

Our Global HR Capability Model maps out the 94 critical capabilities spanning the 20 most important domains for Human Resources today and in the future. Discover your team members' strengths and areas of opportunity.

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How does the Capability Assessment work?

Answer questions about your expertise in different HR areas.

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Discover where your capabilities stand today.