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Performance Management During and After Covid-19

Josh's thoughts on what performance management might look like on the other side of the crisis.

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To meet 21st century workplace challenges, HR itself must adapt and change

Digital transformation, artificial intelligence, the elevated roles of Gen-Zers and millennials, and issues like pay equity and inclusion are all redefining how companies operate. To meet the challenge, HR practitioners must change their mindset, continuously update their skills, and stay up to speed on business, technology, and workforce trends.

The Josh Bersin Academy keeps HR professionals continuously updated with research-based, future-focused learning to solve the strategic business issues impacting the future of work.

Founded by Josh Bersin, The Josh Bersin Academy is the world's first global professional development academy for HR. The Academy includes:

  • Programs

    Premium online courses, covering the most important HR topics, studied in teams of fellow HR professionals.

  • Resources

    A continually expanding library of digital micro-learning and support Resources from leading HR thought leaders, subject matter experts, and trusted information sources.

  • Community

    A global community of HR and talent professionals sharing insights and working together to solve problems and advance the profession.

The Academy is delivered through a cutting-edge digital learning platform. It is mobile first, designed for the digital learner, and built for collaboration.

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World-Class Programs

The Josh Bersin Academy features engaging and thought-provoking online Programs that cover the most important issues facing HR. Learners go through Programs in teams of 30 to 50 fellow HR professionals, collaborating to tackle challenges facing our profession. Each Program lasts four to five weeks with an average time commitment of four to five hours. The Academy currently offers the following Programs on a repeating schedule.

illustration for The Remote Work Bootcamp program

The Remote Work Bootcamp

As teams around the world move their work to remote platforms, they will need to focus on the human element at least as much as they think about technology. And they are going to be looking to HR for leadership and advice. This Program is here to help. It is designed to help you and your organization navigate THIS public health crisis. But it will also help improve the way you and your organization work remotely, long after the crisis has passed.

  • Learning Time4-5 hours

  • Duration5 weeks

  • Next Scheduled ProgramMay 27, 2020

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illustration for Performance Management Reimagined program

Performance Management Reimagined

The way we evaluate and empower performance is drastically changing, and as HR professionals we need to be at the forefront of that transformation. We can succeed by making sure our efforts are aligned with the networked, collaborative nature of work and are making work easier, not harder.

  • Learning Time6-8 hours

  • Duration5 weeks

  • Next Scheduled ProgramJune 3, 2020

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illustration for Voice, Values, and HR program

Voice, Values, and HR

Managing values conflicts is a core part of our work in HR. This Program offers a new approach for how to do this work, by voicing, acting on, and listening to values. Created in partnership with professor Mary Gentile, this Program is based on her Giving Voice to Values (GVV) methodology. The Program builds on Prof. Gentile's approach to empower HR professionals who want to create organizations where employees at all levels are able to effectively raise and resolve values conflicts.

  • Learning Time5-6 Hours

  • Duration5 weeks

  • Next Scheduled ProgramJune 10, 2020

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illustration for The HR Tech Workshop program

The HR Tech Workshop

We cannot survive in today’s environment without a clear understanding of today’s technologies and the insights they provide. This workshop helps learners make sense of the crowded HR tech landscape so they can make better decisions.

  • Learning Time5-6 hours

  • Duration5 weeks

  • Next Scheduled ProgramJune 17, 2020

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illustration for People as Competitive Advantage program

People as Competitive Advantage

If we don’t have the right people in the right roles with the right skills, our organizations will not survive in today’s fast-paced highly competitive business environment. We must re-envision how we leverage our talent and our own roles.

  • Learning Time4-5 hours

  • Duration5 weeks

  • Next Scheduled ProgramJune 24, 2020

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illustration for Wellbeing at Work program

Wellbeing at Work

Wellbeing programs shouldn't be viewed as "nice-to haves." They are essential to ensuring employees can perform at their best and stay motivated over the long haul. Designing and managing successful wellbeing programs has never been more important and the available tools to do so have never been more abundant—but navigating the landscape isn’t easy.

  • Learning Time5-6 hours

  • Duration5 weeks

  • Next Scheduled ProgramJuly 1, 2020

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illustration for HR in the Age of AI program

HR in the Age of AI

For more than a decade, AI has been the future of HR. Now, the future has arrived. HR Teams that aren’t implementing AI or preparing their workforce to thrive in an AI-driven enterprise risk falling rapidly behind. HR in the Age of AI is a comprehensive Program built in partnership with IBM to help HR organizations thrive in the world of AI.

  • Learning Time5-6 hours

  • Duration5 weeks

  • Next Scheduled ProgramJuly 8, 2020

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illustration for People Analytics program

People Analytics

Data is everywhere. As HR professionals we need to both understand and harness it to improve outcomes for our organizations. People Analytics is a comprehensive Program built in partnership with Visier to help HR professionals take control over the data at hand and allow it to inform our day-to-day decisions and strategy.

  • Learning Time4-6 hours

  • Duration5 weeks

  • Next Scheduled ProgramJuly 29, 2020

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illustration for The Agile Learning Organization program

The Agile Learning Organization

These are complex times to be in the business of learning. Organizations are under constant pressure to grow in directions that are, at times, counterintuitive; more agile, but also more globally aligned; more innovative, but still familiar and stable to our long-term customers. The key to survival is the ability to constantly learn and grow—as individuals, teams, and organizations.

  • Learning Time6-8 hours

  • Duration5 weeks

  • Next Scheduled ProgramAug 5, 2020

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illustration for The Strategic HR Business Partner program

The Strategic HR Business Partner

HR Business Partners are at the frontline of today’s talent strategy. They must have an intimate understanding of the business challenges their team is working to solve and be able to re-frame those challenges through the lens of talent and employee experience. This Program is for HR Business Partners committed to taking their own work and their team to the next level.

  • Learning Time5-8 hours

  • Duration5 weeks

  • Next Scheduled ProgramAug 19, 2020

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Resources Tab

Practical Resources

Members of the Josh Bersin Academy have access to an ever-expanding library of learning and support Resources on the latest in HR and talent management topics. Resources include research excerpts from Josh Bersin and other thought leaders, case studies illustrating best practices and innovative approaches, informative articles from subject matter experts, and much more. New Resources will be added every week.

Community Tab

Engaged Community

The Josh Bersin Academy is also a professional network where HR and talent practitioners can connect, share, and collaborate with their peers across industries and geographies. The Community allows all members to:

  • Contribute ideas, content, and expertise

  • Showcase talents and achievements

  • Interact with HR and talent professionals outside your organization

  • Ask questions and get practical help from peers and experts

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You and your team can join the Josh Bersin Academy and go through Programs with fellow professionals from other organizations and geographic regions. You’ll gain access to all Josh Bersin Academy Programs and Resources, as well as the Community network. Monthly billing options and the ability to easily add and remove users means you only pay for what you use.

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Your organization can adopt the Josh Bersin Academy as an enterprise solution with multiple customization options, in depth analytics, and professional on-boarding services. Your HR team will go through Programs together. You can add company-specific documentation while your people can still benefit from membership to the global Community."

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The HR function has traditionally deprioritised itself in terms of the learning investment - the shoemaker’s children always go barefoot I believe the saying goes. We at Vodafone have also been going proudly barefoot until now. We partnered with the Josh Bersin Academy because we believe that the future focused, research based content coupled with the cutting edge learning experience platform will inspire our HR function to learn a lot and acquire the skills for the future of work

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Catalina SchveningerGlobal Head of Learning & Capabilities, Vodafone

The potential to provide a consistent and effective development resource for professionals across our People and Performance function was one of the reasons we were interested in piloting the Josh Bersin Academy. Additionally, as a learning professional, I was impressed with the quality of the learner experience provided by the Academy. The engaging interactions, the innovative way it encourages collaboration and engagement, and the relevant library of quick reference resources all contributed to a high-impact solution.

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Pamay BasseyChief Learning Officer, Kraft Heinz Company