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HR upskilling for complete job readiness.

The world of work is fundamentally changing, and those who choose the status quo may be left behind. Josh Bersin Academy empowers learners with the tools they need to stay at the forefront of an ever-evolving industry.

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HR professionals enrolled in the Academy gain access to the knowledge, capabilities, and community that they need to succeed in this new era of business.

Our Philosophy

Specialized courses to help you master your craft.

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The Voice of the Employee

4-5 hours over 5 weeks
Next session September 11

This course is all about what's next in employee engagement. We'll explore how we can redesign the way we measure employee engagement and turn it into tangible actions that create…

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Justin BlackHeidi Binder-MatsuoJosh Bersin
With Josh Bersin of Josh Bersin Academy and 7 others
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Accelerating Your HR Career

4-6 Hours over 5 Weeks
Next session June 19

At organizations across the world, of every size and in every industry, HR professionals are wondering: is this the place where I can build my career?

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Josh Bersin
With Josh Bersin of Josh Bersin Academy
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Career and Talent Mobility

4-6 Hours over 5 Weeks
Next session August 26

Organizations today are in a tight spot. Squashed between a tight talent market, economic downturns that force layoffs, and increasing demand for high-touch, customer-centric business…

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Senior Vice President of AdvisoryGlobal Analyst and Senior Vice President of ResearchJosh Bersin
With Josh Bersin of Josh Bersin Academy and 5 others
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The Employee Experience Workshop

4-6 Hours over 5 Weeks
Next session July 15

The Employee Experience Workshop draws upon new research from The Josh Bersin Company to form a vision of employee experience (EX) today. The past year has led many people to reconsider…

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Global Analyst and Senior Vice President of ResearchJosh Bersin
With Josh Bersin of Josh Bersin Academy and 1 other
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Voice, Values, and HR

4-6 Hours over 5 Weeks
Next session July 1

This course was created in with Mary Gentile and is based on her Giving Voice to Values (GVV) methodology. GVV is not about persuading people to be more ethical. Rather, GVV starts from…

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Mary Gentile
With Mary Gentile of University of Virginia Darden School of Business
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People Analytics

4-6 Hours over 5 Weeks
Next session August 28

The goal of this course is to help HR practitioners at all levels of experience become more fluent in the language of data, more sophisticated users of analytics tools, and more…

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Kevin MacDuffRena YiOlivier Vankerk
With Olivier Vankerk of UnitedHealth Group and 5 others
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Josh Bersin Academy is a recertification provider for SHRM and an approved provider of HRCI.

SHRM and HRCI certified members can earn credits for courses completed in the Academy.

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Not sure where to start?

The Josh Bersin Academy's Capability Assessment allows you to assess skill gaps and identify a course plan.

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Collaborate with your peers to accelerate your professional development.

As an Academy member, you gain access to the largest Community of HR practitioners in the world. Share your experiences, ask for advice, and expand your personal network.

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Join the over 50,000 HR professionals who have elevated their skills with the Josh Bersin Academy.