An online course for wellbeing in the workplace today: The New World of Wellbeing

June 6th, 2022

To support the urgent need for innovative ideas and approaches to wellbeing, we’re launching a new-and-improved wellbeing Program: The New World of Wellbeing.

Wellbeing at work: a changing landscape

Built for today’s times and drawing on research from the Josh Bersin Company’s Definitive Guide to Wellbeing: Healthy Organizations, this revamped Program showcases brand new stories and inspirational practices from organizations who are ahead of the game. It also features a new Field Manual focused on key strategies for creating a safe and healthy workplace, reflecting the broader lens of wellbeing today. New Featured Voices include Jessie Claros, executive director of benefits at MGM, Nancy Vitale, chief people officer at Omada Health, and Janet Mertens, director of research at the Josh Bersin Company.

If you’ve already taken the Wellbeing at Work Program, you’ll find lots of value in this updated version! It’s full of up-to-the-minute research and strategies that will have you reaching out to colleagues to share ideas, brainstorm, and kickstart life-changing experiences for your employees. And, of course, don’t forget the conversations and sparks of insight you’ll discover among our global community of learners.

The New World of Wellbeing explores key questions about how to foster a healthy workplace today, including:

  • What are the core categories of a comprehensive wellbeing program?
  • What are some best practices for rolling out wellbeing programs?
  • What makes a workplace safe and healthy?
  • How can we initiate inclusive conversations about mental wellbeing to reduce stigma?
  • Why is individual mental resilience critical to organizational success?
  • What kinds of non-traditional financial fitness programs can we offer?
  • What are the key tenets of a healthy workplace?

Online learning for HR: wellbeing and beyond

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