Design Thinking for HR: helping HR discover insights

January 31st, 2022

Our Design Thinking for HR Certificate Program launches today, and we couldn't be more excited! This is our biggest launch yet, with more than 1100 members enrolled. We're thrilled that our community is diving into this topic and really looking forward to the great conversations and learning that will happen in this Program.

Design Thinking for HR explores how design thinking can help HR unlock creativity and allow tap into new ideas and solutions. In one of our favorite stories in the Program, Reza Moussavian, now VP of people products at Zalando, shares how he used design thinking to transform the training experience in his previous role at Deutsche Telekom. The company was spending a huge amount of time and resources on in-person training.

By implementing a design thinking methodology––followed by a series of prototyping experiments in different European offices––Reza's team discovered that VR training would be more cost-effective and more impactful. Even better, the employees loved it: VR training was more convenient, more mission-aligned for the tech-centric company, and simply more fun.

We love this story because it shows design thinking in action: by examining all the facets of a business problem, exploring potential solutions, and carrying out experiments with a series of prototypes, Deutsche Telekom found a solution that not only fixed their problem, but ended up spurring many other positive changes in the business as well.

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