Resource Roundup: Summer 2020

August 18th, 2020

Learners in the Josh Bersin Academy spend a lot of time engaging with Resources. Right now, there are 315 Resources available to JBA members, and we add new content to the library each week. Here’s a look at four of the most popular Resources we published in July and August:

What Is I/O Psychology? As practitioners of an “applied field” of psychology, I/O psychologists find ways to translate insights from scientific research into organizational policies and practices that help individuals thrive. They often work with HR professionals to make that happen. This Resource explores the diverse areas of study and practice that comprise the wide-ranging field of I/O psychology.

A Guide to Great Interview Questions: For a while, there was a trend toward interview questions that were wacky and colorful—and designed to catch candidates off-guard. But for the most part, these "gotcha" questions leave a lot to be desired. It’s better instead to treat an interview like, well, a friendly conversation. This Resource explores several categories of interview questions that can help us improve our process.

The History of MBO: Management by objectives (MBO) is so deeply embedded in how many organizations do business today that some of us may not know how it started or where it came from. This Resource shares the origins of the approach, and look at how the model has evolved over time.

Do Financial Incentives Work? A common aspect of many organizations’ incentive practices is financial reward. But the widespread use of financial incentives doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the best, or even mostly effective, way to motivate our people. This Resource explains why the relationship between financial incentives and motivation isn’t always clear-cut and offers ideas for what HR professionals should focus on instead.

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