What's New Resource Roundup - May 2020

May 6th, 2020

There are a lot of different ways to learn in the Josh Bersin Academy. One ever-growing place to find new learning content is the Resource Library. Right now, there are 275 Resources available to JBA members, and we add at least three new ones each week. Here’s a quick intro to a few of the most popular Resources we’ve published lately:

How Remote Will Work Stay?: The burning question we’re all trying to answer—does “back to normal” mean “back to the office,” too? In this Resource, Matt Burr, CEO & Co-founder, Nomadic Learning sets the context for the “remote work” question and offers his opinion on what will happen after the crisis has passed. JBA learners are sharing their predictions and opinions in this Resource, too.

Asynchronous—Not Out of Sync: Asynchronous communication (aka communication that doesn’t take place in real time) is an essential part of effective remote work, but it’s not just for remote work. This Resource breaks down the difference between synchronous and asynchronous communication, and explains four advantages of exchanging information with your team asynchronously—especially during this crisis.

Hiring Remotely: First impressions are key; do you think we can make them over a video call during a job interview? This Resource is all about the process of hiring without meeting the candidates face-to-face. It features an interview with Samia Kahn, a Director, Filmmaker & Producer who has experience hiring and managing teams that are 100% remote.

High-Performing Remote Teams: There are a ton of factors that make great teams great. This Resource explores three of the core principles that make remote teams thrive: purpose, norms, and relationships. There’s also a great discussion happening in this Resource all about which of the principles current remote teams are successful (and not so successful) at implementing.

This is just a quick summary of a few of the latest Resources in the JBA Resource Library. To read the complete Resources and to get access to our full Resource library, join the Josh Bersin Academy today.