Our Agile HR Webinar Sparked Conversation in the JBA

May 18th, 2020

On May 11, Josh Bersin and Riina Hellstrom, Founder and CEO, People Geeks Ltd; Co-Founder, Agile HR Community, led an exclusive webinar in the Academy on Agile for HR.

205 JBA members from 34 different countries participated in the live Zoom session. Many of our members in Asia stayed up late, and others in the Americas got up early for it— including Josh.

The JBA members who attended are from a variety of differently sized organizations: 32% from 10,000+ employees, 26% from 1000-10,000 employees, 22% from 100-1000 employees and 20% from less than 100 employees.

Josh started off by sharing his insights on how the business world has changed, explaining why we need a new HR Agile operating model that combines responsiveness with resilience. Then Riina shared a detailed overview of how Agile works in HR and how HR can help the whole organization to become Agile. She made the point that how Agile is implemented is different for each organization, depending on many factors, including size.

Throughout the session there was a robust chat conversation going on, and Josh and Riina answered many questions live. Below are a few insightful questions from JBA members:

  • “One thing that I have observed in L&D, in particular, is that volume of work is extremely variable from one moment to the next. With this variable demand and unique technical training requirements in healthcare I am finding it difficult to organize squads into sprints...how do you balance so much variation in volume in an agile way?”
  • “What are your favorite "agile methods" to help HR develop "attractive" products and services?”
  • “As I have been engaged in digital Agile processes, I have found the project team driving the effort doesn't spend enough time understanding the impact on talent. In HR focused Agile processes, how do you make sure the reverse doesn't occur and you develop solutions that are actually implementable?”
  • “How do you combat the norms of “HR should be coming to the table near perfect”, versus the fear of coming to the table with something a bit “half-baked”?”

JBA members are continuing the conversation about Agile HR and answering each others’ questions in the Community. If you’d like to join in, become a member of the Josh Bersin Academy today.