Learning the Tricky Stuff for a Successful Transition to Remote Work

May 20th, 2020

Given the current circumstances we’re facing, the core challenge for HR professionals is to figure out how to learn and acquire the skills, habits, and mindsets we ourselves need to make the transition to remote work. And then figure out how we can help our employees, leaders, and the full organization acquire those same things.

In the Remote Work Bootcamp in the Josh Bersin Academy, we’re strategizing solutions to this challenge together. We’re helping HR professionals and their teams develop the skills, habits, and mindsets we all need across four broad areas:

  • Tools + Rules: The right tools for the right problems are essential, but we can’t just choose the technology and step away. We need to get a basic understanding of how tools work, then establish formal rules and create space for informal norms to arise. Our role in HR is to get people the tools they need and be sure the structures for positive collaboration are in place.
  • Space + Routine: Around the world, normal routines have been upended and employees are working at home, where families, worries, and the news offer a lot of distraction. Together, this can make it exceptionally challenging to get work done. Our role in HR is first and foremost to acknowledge these shifts in ourselves and our employees, creating space for new routines to arise.
  • Trust + Relationship: Trusting relationships are the cornerstone of organizations, but they take time and nurturing to stay healthy. As we go remote in uncertain times, these relationships can erode and implode...or they can deepen and strengthen, creating a sense of unity that allows us to weather the storm. We in HR are crucial to adopting and implementing strategies that nurture the emotional health of teams and individuals, and provide opportunities for trust to grow.
  • Uncertainty + Resilience: We’re facing unprecedented levels of uncertainty that touch every area of society, from governments and organizations to families and individuals. And it’s likely to go on for some time. Our ability to adapt and grow through this period will drive our capacity to be resilient, effective, and competitive in whatever new world arises. In HR, we play a central role in helping our organizations cope with uncertainty and find areas of hope that bolster our resilience.

To dive deep into each of these areas, you won’t want to miss the next session of the Remote Work Bootcamp, which starts on May 27. Join the Josh Bersin Academy today.