4 Ways AI Can Impact HR

January 28th, 2020

One of the things that AI does best is to take over or speed up routine, low-level tasks that don’t need the attention and creative problem solving skills that are unique to humans. In HR, we’re in a great position to use these AI capabilities. In our Program HR in the Age of AI, which begins on January 29, we explore how the best HR teams are using AI to transform the way they work at three different levels: Across the enterprise, in the HR function itself, and at the level of individual skill development.

Here are four of the many areas where AI can have a huge impact on our work:

  1. Triaging Common Requests and Repeated Actions: AI can help alleviate the workload generated by everything from managing vacation requests and questions about benefits to employee onboarding tasks like assigning a laptop and a workspace. Increasingly smart chatbots—taught ground truths by highly skilled HR professionals—handle these tasks brilliantly.
  2. Relieving the Load of Recruitment: AI can scan through thousands of applications, vetting them based on the parameters the HR SMEs have ascribed, saving countless hours of human time. When properly trained, AI can remove many of the unconscious biases that plague even the most careful humans, creating a wider, more diverse pool of candidates.
  3. Predicting Attrition: By scrolling through mounds of data, AI tools can help identify risk factors that lead to attrition. Armed with that information, HR teams can build or implement AI-powered alerts that help managers address the needs of employees at risk of leaving—before it’s too late.
  4. Creating Personalizing Learning at Scale: Continuous learning is an imperative for every role in every organization. But creating directed, individually pertinent learning for each and every employee that seamlessly integrates into their flow of work is a massive challenge. AI tools can track the skills and knowledge required for each role and offer tailored learning paths for each employee, helping offer relevant, cost-effective training for everyone.

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