Josh Bersin Academy Community Roundup

October 29th, 2019

The Josh Bersin Academy is much more than a cutting-edge learning program; it is also a professional network where HR professionals can connect, share, and collaborate with peers across industries and geographies. The Community allows all members to share insights, work together to solve problems, and get practical help from peers and experts. Here are the three most comprehensive discussions in the JBA Community so far:

1. A personal Board of Directors: JBA Faculty member Emily Chardac shared an article she wrote for HR Wired all about what it means to create a personal Board of Directors. Her post not only sparked discussion among JBA members about how innovative this concept is—it also inspired JBA members to create their own personal Boards of Directors amongst themselves based on the relationships they’ve already made within the Academy. Read Emily’s article here.

2. A new way to assess leaders: The Community debated the value of older and current models HR uses to evaluate the potential success of leaders within organizations. Members (and Josh) agree that leadership assessment is a mostly broken system, and they posed new ideas to solve this major problem in the world of leadership development. Learn more about Josh’s take on this here.

3. Diversity & Inclusion: One JBA member saw a video Josh posted on Twitter about the true meaning of diversity and inclusion. This compelled the Community to share insights about how the D&I field has changed over the years and who some of the most interesting D&I thought leaders are these days. Josh and other Community members are joining forces to connect offline to continue the conversation. Check out the tweet that inspired the conversation here.

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