Augmented Intelligence Vs Artificial Intelligence

October 1st, 2019

We’re witnessing the evolution of smarter humans accompanied by smarter machines. A way to cut through and make sense of the noise is to reframe AI as augmented intelligence, rather than artificial intelligence. Instead of going into a state of distress over the common narrative of a new technology that is here to take the jobs of your people, why not view AI's ultimate goal as assisting people in doing their jobs better and more effectively than ever before? That’s where the real innovation will happen.

Here are five key ways that machines augment our intelligence and can be leveraged in your HR strategy.

1. Save Time

This is the one we're most familiar with. Good AI takes over menial or repetitive tasks, like inputting and analyzing data, so that we don’t have to do them. Outsourcing this work to a machine, as opposed to other humans, frees up our collective time to do more thoughtful, strategic work.

2. Curate Relevance

In tandem with saving time, AI can tackle huge tasks, like vetting 10,000 resumes per day, or find patterns in the training our employees are asking for most, saving us hours of time and energy so we can enter a process at the point when our brains are truly needed.

3. Highlight Mistakes

Humans make mistakes, it's part of our nature and, often, how we learn. But, as we have all discovered, some mistakes create huge problems down the line if they’re not discovered in time. AI’s ability to scan through processes and find errors can save us the pain and lost time of these kinds of mistakes.

4. Make Connections

AI's ability to comb through reams of data and look for patterns can highlight connections that we might miss by going through data manually. The machine doesn’t interpret the connections, though. It’s up to us to take our new knowledge and put it into action.

5. Spark Ideas

Similar to making connections, AI can help highlight problems or patterns that we might otherwise miss. From that information, we’ll make new discoveries or find new ways of approaching problems. And because we’re not spending all of our time crunching data, our brains are more primed to catch insights and think creatively when they arise.

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