4 Ways HRBPs Act as a Bridge

October 22nd, 2019

By looking more deeply into the questions underneath a request for a discrete piece of data, HR Business Partners can unearth better, more useful information. We can bring something to the business that they otherwise wouldn’t know. To make that connection, our job is to be the bridge between the people analytics team and the business.

Taken from The Strategic HR Business Partner Program, here are four ways in which HRBPs are the natural bridge between data, people, and the business, along with questions to ask both ourselves and our colleagues as we take on each aspect:

1. Questioner: We look for what’s underneath seemingly basic requests to search out deeper problems. We are in a unique position to ask both the seemingly easy questions and the tough ones. What is the real problem to be solved? How do we know? What is this data telling us telling us? What isn’t it telling us? How could more (or different) data help us better uncover a solution?

2. Diplomat: We know the interests and priorities of both the business we work in and the larger organization. With our unique position, we can build alliances and align incentives across the divide. Are egos, biases, or other non-spoken norms impacting the way the data is being interpreted? Are voices or perspectives being silenced? How can we help different stakeholders see and understand each others’ concerns?

3. Connector: We listen carefully to problems as they’re outlined to us and look for ways to connect disparate pieces of information. We look for experts across the organization who can help solve problems. Who can we bring in to help solve a problem? Are perspectives being left out or misunderstood? What is the big picture telling us?

4. Realist: We're not just number crunchers. We use our skills as people experts to put numbers in context and test them against real-world experiences. How can we bring people's concerns and interests into the solution to a problem? Is there anecdotal data that could help put the data in context? Are we missing something? Are we moving too quickly to a solution?

To learn more about how what it takes to be a successful HRBP in today’s non-stop business world, check out The Strategic HR Business Partner Program within The Josh Bersin Academy starting Oct 23rd.