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Lightcast is a company that emerged from the merger of two leading labor market data firms, Emsi and Burning Glass Technologies, in June 2021. This merger created a new entity that aims to drive economic prosperity and mobility by providing comprehensive insights that help in the development of people, institutions, companies, and communities.

Lightcast has over two decades of experience in capturing and clarifying data to support these goals. The company's mission is centered around leveraging their extensive data analysis capabilities, which include a wide range of data sources, sophisticated analytical tools, and intuitive reporting features, to deliver superior labor market data. This data encompasses real-time insights on wages, job postings, and other critical labor market information, which can significantly aid in building and optimizing talent strategies for various stakeholders, including businesses and educational institutions

Lightcast's offerings are not limited to labor market analytics; they also include a Skills Library and Titles Taxonomy, which provide detailed information on various skills, job titles, and the requirements associated with them. This includes identity verification, online identity management, and specific technical skills like ASP.NET Identity, among others

Furthermore, Lightcast has developed a comprehensive database that integrates economic, labor market, demographic, education, profile, and job posting data from numerous government and private-sector sources. This database is updated regularly to ensure the recency and accuracy of the information provided

.In summary, Lightcast is a global leader in labor market analytics, offering a broad spectrum of data and insights that empower clients to make informed decisions for talent development and economic growth. Through its merger of Emsi and Burning Glass Technologies, Lightcast has positioned itself as a pivotal resource for understanding and navigating the complexities of the labor market.

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