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Talent Acquisition

“Talent acquisition” (TA)is the task of finding talent for an organization. Companies that don’t attract, hire, and retain the right people simply can’t run well, so this is arguably one of the most critical HR activities. Companies must build an employment brand; market positions through a variety of job boards and hiring sources; manage and schedule recruiting events at universities and other hiring conferences; figure out how to assess and select the right candidates; and manage, measure, and report on every step in the process. The TA team also has to work closely with hiring managers, many of whom aren’t really committed to the complex process of recruiting and don’t know how to manage it. 

In our research, we have found that tried-and-true talent acquisition practices are no longer working. Today’s job market requires a new mindset for companies, one that involves more than legacy recruiting practices and traditional talent pools. Succeeding requires organizations to focus on rethinking TA as a business capability: hiring must become more strategic, consultative, and deeply integrated with HR and the business. Human-centered talent acquisition is focused on recruiting as being essential for business success. Companies who operate in this way distribute accountability for hiring across the business, create irresistible experiences for everyone involved in the recruiting process, and apply technology thoughtfully. 

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