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Founded in 2016, Eightfold is headquartered in Mountain View, California.

The company has developed an AI-powered talent intelligence platform that aims to match people to the right roles, projects, gigs, and career opportunities based on their skills, capabilities, and preferences.

Eightfold's platform uses deep learning algorithms to understand job descriptions, employee profiles, and resumes, and then matches candidates to open positions or internal opportunities.

The platform also provides insights and analytics to help organizations understand their existing talent pool, identify skill gaps, and develop targeted talent strategies.

Eightfold's clients include large enterprises across various industries, such as Tata Communications, Bayer, Broadcom, Chevron, and Kraft Heinz.

The company has raised over $155 million in funding from investors like Foundation Capital, Institutional Venture Partners (IVP), and General Catalyst.

In 2022, Eightfold was named a Cool Vendor in the Gartner Cool Vendors in Human Capital Management report.

Eightfold's founders and executives have backgrounds in technology companies like Google, Facebook, Workday, and IBM, with expertise in areas like machine learning and natural language processing.

The company's platform integrates with various HR systems and can be used for talent acquisition, internal mobility, diversity and inclusion initiatives, and workforce planning.

With its focus on leveraging AI and machine learning for talent management, Eightfold aims to help organizations make more data-driven decisions and optimize their talent strategies in an increasingly competitive labor market.

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