The Employee Experience Workshop

The Employee Experience Workshop draws upon new research from The Josh Bersin Company to form a vision of employee experience (EX) today. The past year has led many people to reconsider what they want and need from their work—and what they expect from their leaders. This means the EX landscape has undergone a major shift.

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Course Overview

Designed for HR professionals in all disciplines, The Employee Experience Workshop provides a research-backed look at what employees want from their workplaces now, as well as practical guidance for leaders and managers at all levels. It defines what makes an organization “irresistible” and offers insight into six fundamental components of solid EX. It also makes a case for HR’s strategic importance in EX and why EX is key to both people outcomes and wider business outcomes.

Featuring real stories and examples of leading organizations across multiple industries, this Workshop guides learners in applying these research findings to their own work. Learners will analyze these concepts in the context of their organization’s current EX approach, with a special focus on navigating hybrid work.

Questions You'll Explore:

  • Why has employee experience taken on greater importance now?

  • How does EX intersect with business outcomes and goals?

  • What makes work feel meaningful?

  • What is the special role that managers play in EX?

  • How can organizations holistically support employee wellbeing, and what are the benefits?

  • How do growth and development opportunities fit into EX?

  • Why is building a culture of trust and transparency so essential to great EX?

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Field Manuals

The Employee Experience Workshop is made up of seven Field Manuals (our version of an online module). Each one contains a variety of types of content and social exercises culminating in a mini-project, reflection, or debate. Each Field Manual will take you between 20–30 minutes to complete, but you can jump on and off at your own pace, as often as you’d like. The deeper learning happens in the discussions with your fellow learners, so be sure to check in on the conversations regularly.

Field Manual Overview:

  • 30-45 minutes to complete

    Bite-sized, easy to read modules for an efficient learning experience.

  • Self paced

    You can jump on and off at your own pace, as often as you'd like.

  • Engaging learning modules

    Each field manual contains different types of content and social exercises, all culminating in a mini-project, reflection, or debate.

  • Employee Experience in Context

    If we truly believe that our people are our most valuable asset, then we already have all the reason we need to care about the employee experience. But taking care of employees isn’t just about perks or benefits. Instead, promoting their success must become our most fundamental job. In a struggle for talent that promises to remain fierce, investing in EX transformation is also a matter of building our strategic competitive advantage. This Field Manual walks us through the context in which our EX transformation must take place.

  • Meaningful Work

    For many, the pandemic prompted deep reflection on the fundamental role of work in their lives. Perhaps more than ever, people feel single-minded in their desire for a renegotiation of their work-life boundaries—and emboldened to ask for support from their organizations in that effort. A renewed focus on what makes work feel meaningful is instrumental to this movement. This Field Manual explores what meaningful work looks like, how it leads to a host of positive outcomes—and how we in HR can foster it at our organizations.

  • Strong Management

    When we think about our experience at work, it’s hard to come up with a more important factor in this experience than our relationship with our manager. For better or worse, managers are the personal, front-line embodiment of the company for their reports. This means they are also in a unique position to support, guide, and coach employees, all the while deeply impacting their day-to-day work experience. This Field Manual digs into the essential role that managers play in EX transformation and how they can enable their teams to thrive.

  • Positive Workplace

    For knowledge workers, the pandemic brought a swift pause to co-located work. In the time since, we’ve had to build new processes and systems on the fly. Many of these efforts have been remarkably successful, but we’ve also had to reckon with the fact that much of our work simply isn’t place-neutral. Whether digital or physical, our work environments matter. Paying attention to how we can create a positive workplace and culture across both remote workers and co-located workers is integral to great EX. This Field Manual tackles the characteristics of positive workplaces where people are treated with respect and feel included.

  • Health and Wellbeing

    Employee wellbeing is about more than reimbursing a gym membership or a meditation app. The pandemic has brought sustained focus to the ways in which many organizations have failed to truly support the holistic wellbeing of their employees—and failed to even imagine what that might look like. Now, leading EX companies are going back to the drawing board, building a more complete picture of employee wellness. This Field Manual highlights the tight connection between employee health and wellbeing and the irresistible organization.

  • Growth and Opportunity

    How many people leave an organization because they just can’t envision the next step for their career there? The best EX depends on facilitating career growth for employees in ways that both accommodate and build on employees’ individual strengths. Job and role mobility, creative or unconventional paths, and a culture that values continued learning: these are some of the surest signs of an employee experience that enables growth. This Field Manual covers the intersection of growth and learning opportunities, plus the strategic role that they play in retaining talent and creating high-quality EX.

  • Trust in the Organization

    At the core of EX lies the foundation of any good relationship: trust. Trust is what knits organizations together and fuels our best work and collaboration. For great EX, people at every level of our organizations must feel a sense of trust—in each other and the organization as a whole—as well as a responsibility to earn that trust from others. This Field Manual describes the foundational role of trust in great EX and practical tips on how to build an organizational culture anchored by that trust.

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