People as Competitive Advantage

This Course gives every HR professional the core understanding of our role. What is the real role of people in business, and how can we build a company that truly leverages people for competitive advantage?

How do we attract and retain the right people? How do we engage them? What does digital mean for our people, our customers, and the ways we work? How do we redesign our organizations to best leverage, empower, and inspire them? The People as Competitive Advantage Program explores these questions and asks how we can best transform ourselves and our organizations to put people first.

  • ApproachOnline social learning, teams of 30-50

  • Learning Time4-5 hours

  • Duration5 weeks. Next starting: June 21, 2023
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Key Questions You’ll Explore in this Program

What role does the talent economy play in 21st century strategic business decisions?

What are “moments that matter” and how can we reduce friction around them?

How do we map the employee journey and what do we learn by doing it?

How can technology support and facilitate HR into the flow of work?

What are the digital tools every HR professional should know and use?

What are the technology trends that will likely impact future purchasing decisions?

What are the key principles of Agile and why are they relevant for HR?

Field Manuals

The People As Competitive Advantage Program is made up of 4 Field Manuals (our version of an online module). Each one contains a variety of types of content and social exercises culminating in a mini-project, reflection, or debate. Each Field Manual will take you between 30-45 minutes to complete but you can jump on and off at your own pace, as often as you’d like. The deeper learning happens in the discussions with your fellow learners so be sure to check in on the conversations regularly.

Strategic HR

This Field Manual asks us to re-envision how we as an organization leverage our talent and how we envision our roles. It offers tangible tools to help us update our approaches to ensure people are at the forefront of decision-making and align our work with the business strategy.

The Employee Experience

This Field Manual asks us to dive into what it’s really like to be an employee at our organization. It highlights how thinking about “moments that matter” and employee journeys can reshape employee interactions with HR and each other.

The Digital Imperative

This Field Manual explores how we can use technology to transform our HR practices so that they are “in the flow of work” and so that we are freed up to do the strategic work that only we can do.

The Agile Organization

This Field Manual looks at the Agile mindsets, workflows, and approaches that help individuals and organizations thrive in today’s dynamic, global, and crowded business landscape.

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