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Work-life Balance

“Work-life balance” (also referenced as “work-life integration”) is a metaphor that attempts to capture the relationship between a person’s professional and personal lives. Balanced work-life integration is one of the dimensions that our definitive guide to wellbeing (The Healthy Organization) has found to have impact on the mental wellbeing of employees. The impact of balanced work-life integration on innovation is high. In addition, offering support for caregivers and other community and environmental programs are associated with a greater impact on people metrics. Allowing employees to have control over the work they do (and how they do it) and inviting them to participate in decision making about where and when work gets done are additional examples of practices that promote work-life balance.

You should also consider Work-life balance in the context of organizational wellbeing, which is described in The Healthy Organization and our research on the Irresistible Employee Experience.

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