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Learning Record Store (LRS)

“Learning record stores” (LRSs) are a new breed of data management platform that help organizations solve the problem of finding, collecting, and analyzing data related to the consumption of all the content that results from the millions of dollars they invest in digital content for trainings. These trainings cover onboarding, technical and professional topics, compliance, leadership, and virtually every new company initiative...

The LRS collects learning activity and learning transaction data from any xAPI-enabled learning system. This means data can come from a learning experience platform such as Degreed, EdCast, Percipio, LinkedIn Learning Hub, Microsoft Viva Learning, or Learning Pool Stream. The LRS keeps track of what all the learners are doing, and allows for data consistency and cleansing, which is key for badging, certifications, and creating more personalized and adaptive learning experiences. As new platforms and technologies are introduced and exchanged, LRSs allow learning data to be stored in one place.

The LRS is a technology designed to integrate all the learning activities and technologies throughout an organization, helping create a simplified data architecture for learning. The LRS shows companies which content is highly used, which content is rarely, if ever, used, and which sections of courses, articles, and assets are highly valued. Rather than searching for data in the LMS, LXP (learning experience platform), and other content systems, the LRS can become the single source of utilization data, and this can be tremendously valuable as a company’s content investment grows.

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