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Learning Program Platforms (LPP)

“Learning program platforms” (LPPs) are mostly integrated learning systems that were built by content companies to support their clients. In many cases they were spun out as separate platforms as customers asked for more features and customization. They have some of the elements of an LMS, and for many organizations (sales teams, customer service teams, internal academies) they can be the entire learning platform. But they do not have the robust business rules of an LMS; in most larger companies they are used for specialized needs.

What LPP and LMS have in common is features for courses and curricula, path management, branching, exercises, and a variety of interfaces for third party content, custom content, or subject matter experts (SMEs). They are often used for leadership development, professional education, or highly technical topics where learners need to practice, submit exercises, or collaborate on projects.

Examples of LPP include Torch, NovoEd, Nomadic, Intrepid, and Training Orchestra.

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