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Lattice (software company)

Lattice is a cloud-based HR software platform for performance management, learning, career management, compensation and HRMS, focused on mid-sized companies.

Its core features include:

Performance Management

- Goal setting and tracking

- Continuous feedback and praise

- Performance reviews (annual, quarterly, project-based)

- 1-on-1 meeting tools

Employee Engagement

- Engagement surveys with AI-powered insights

- Tools to measure satisfaction and gather feedback

Employee Growth and Development

- Career pathing and development planning

- Manager coaching tools

Compensation Management

- Compensation planning and pay equity analysis

- Linking performance to compensation decisions


  • Lattice also offers a complete HRMS to assist in data management, employee organization and job design, and other HRMS and workflow functions.

Lattice aims to create a culture of continuous feedback, growth opportunities, and fair compensation practices within organizations. It combines traditional HR processes with modern technology and analytics to drive employee performance and engagement.

The company was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in San Francisco. Sarah Franklin, formerly of Salesforce, joined as CEO in January 2024 with a focus on leveraging AI to augment Lattice's employee management capabilities. Lattice has over 5,000 customers including companies like Reddit, Asana, and Slack.

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