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Interview Intelligence

Interview intelligence is a modern approach to the hiring process that combines human intuition with AI to create a more efficient, fair, and data-driven interview experience. The key aspects of interview intelligence include:

  1. Recording and transcribing interviews to capture both verbal and non-verbal cues. This creates a detailed record that can be reviewed, shared, and analyzed.

  2. Using AI-powered features to provide real-time guidance to interviewers, generate highlight reels, and offer insights that may have been missed.

  3. Enabling collaborative feedback and decision-making by allowing hiring teams to easily access and review interview recordings and transcripts.

  4. Reducing unconscious bias and promoting diversity by ensuring a structured, consistent, and evidence-based interview process.

  5. Improving the candidate experience by making the process more transparent, efficient, and focused on the candidate's responses rather than note-takin.

The goal of interview intelligence is to transform hiring from a subjective process based on intuition to a more objective, data-driven approach that leads to higher quality hires.

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