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Growth in the Flow of Work

"Growth in the flow of work" is a corporate strategy aimed at illuminating clear connections between learning and career growth. The concept embodies practices, tools, and systems that facilitate individual growth in tandem with the development of critical business skills.  

This strategy focuses on supporting the development of critical current and future business skills, as well as creating pathways for how individuals can apply these skills to advance their careers. L&D cannot own this strategy alone, and L&D teams must synchronize priorities with other parts of HR, talent acquisition, talent management, IT, business, and workforce management teams to identify future talent needs. Done well, this strategy allows organizations to build critical talent for their future needs while helping employees future-proof and grow their careers through learning and skill development. 

Enabling technologies for this strategy include talent marketplace tools and platforms, skills platforms, talent intelligence platforms, coaching and mentoring platforms, and performance management systems tied to growth across roles, business agility, and agile teaming tools, along with systems and technologies that integrate learning in the flow of work.

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