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Globalization Partners G-P

An EOR acts as the legal employer for workers in foreign countries. Globalization Partners pioneered this space and takes on the responsibility of payroll, taxes, benefits administration, and compliance with local employment laws. This allows companies to onboard top talent anywhere in the world, regardless of whether a company has an established entity in that country.

Globalization Partners' Offerings

  • Global Hiring and Onboarding: Hiring employees in over 185 countries within days. They handle the creation of locally compliant contracts, onboard your new hires, and guide you through the intricacies of international employment regulations.

  • Payroll and Benefits: Payroll processing in multiple currencies, guaranteeing accurate and timely payments. They can also administer competitive benefits packages tailored to each country's standards, attracting top talent in the global market. G-P partners with ADP (ADP's exclusive partner) for companies that use ADP payroll.

  • HR Expertise: Globalization Partners offers deep knowledge of local labor laws, taxes, and HR practices.

  • Technology-Driven Platform: Globalization Partners provides a user-friendly platform to centralizes global workforce management. This platform is designed to integrate with most other HCM systems, enabling companies to use their existing HCM system and add G-P for global hiring, pay, and management.

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