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Global Workforce Intelligence Project (GWI)

The Global Workforce Intelligence (GWI) Project is a research initiative by The Josh Bersin Company that uses the world's largest "real workforce" database of workforce job role, skills, career pathways, and HR program maturity in the world to understand jobs, roles, skills, career pathways, and organizational solutions.

The project provides data, information, and guidance to manage the transformation of companies as they face a massive need for entirely new skills, new career pathways, new employment models, new organizational structures, and new HR practices. The GWI Project studies industry trends industry by industry, looking at all the trending job titles, trending skills, job clusters, and career pathways.

Data from the GWI is collected through more than 1.2 billion job profiles, tens of millions of job postings, and hundreds of interviews with CHROs in each industry. You can learn more about the GWI on the JBC website.

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