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Creator Platform

“Creator platforms” are a new category of learning solutions that allow anyone in an organization to create and share content with ease and efficiency, without instructional design experience.  These platforms are designed specifically for end-users, not instructional designers, and offer an integrated learning experience. Creator platforms empower organizations to harness and amplify expertise that exists internally and enable employees to teach and learn from one another. 

These platforms help organizations advance “group-based learning” and create content that is more company- and team-specific than generic purchased content.  When selecting the right creator platform for your organization, here are the questions and capabilities you should consider:

  • Does the platform immediately let authors interact with learners, build quizzes and interactivities, and serve their users at scale?

  • How easy is it to build highly compelling content, and can you “walk up and learn” the tool without training?

  • What kind of administrative tools do authors have? Can they sort and filter through their audience, see how long people are spending on different chapters, and analyze their programs for improvement?

  • Are there advanced features like skills tagging, credentials, badges, prerequisites, and curricula?  These systems fill up with content fast, so you have to organize it in some rational way.

  • How is the product priced? Can we buy it for all our users and deploy it at scale? 

  • What kind of security and admin rights are available? Can an administrator quickly find inappropriate content or shut down content that’s not any good?

  • How advanced are video and content management? Does it transcribe video and code it for speed? Does the platform work on mobile? Can you quickly add new modules and version the content you have?

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