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Collaborative Learning

‘Collaborative learning” refers to peer-driven learning. It leans on the notion that learning and knowledge retention is higher when learners study together, interact with each other, ask questions about the content, and apply it in day-to-day work. Conceptualizing, recalling, and using information creates “memory pathways” that make the learning stick in a learner’s mind.

Collaborative learning vendors build the concepts of knowledge sharing and interaction within their platforms helping organizations advance “group-based learning”. These platforms make it easier for subject matter experts in an organization to author and share content with ease and efficiency, without needing to have instructional design experience. Collaborative learning platforms empower organizations to harness and amplify expertise that exists internally and enable employees to teach and learn from one another.

In addition to learning together in groups, many collaborative learning vendors also allow learners to create their own content, as “Creator Platforms”—platforms that allow anyone in an organization to create content which is more company- and team-specific than generic purchased content.

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