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“Coaching” refers to a development-focused relationship with a trained professional coach who helps the coachee accomplish short-term defined goals. Coaches help an individual find their own solutions rather than offering them advice or opinions. They often use inquiry-based techniques to help their client find the right answers and reach their full potential.

While most organizations saw the value in coaching, access to coaching was traditionally reserved for developing senior executives and c-staff due to cost considerations. However, online coaching is now a fast-growing and successful billion dollar+ market that makes coaching more accessible and affordable. 

Online coaching solutions fall into four distinct categories:

  • Coaching on-demand, driven by AI matching

  • Leadership development for all, democratizing coaches for everyone

  • Wellbeing, mental, and behavioral health—psychologists selected for you

  • General coaching for training coaches for sales, service, tech, and other jobs

The biggest players in this market today are BetterUp, Torch, CoachHub, SoundingBoard, Spring Health, and Lyra.

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