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Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

“Applicant tracking systems” (APIs) are used by recruiting teams to manage the flow of job applicants, candidates, and internal employees searching for jobs. These platforms, which have been around for 20+ years, are workflow systems used to store, track, and maintain candidate profiles. They come with additional features that score candidates against a job description, route candidates through interview steps and background checking, and help recruiters and hiring managers manage a large stream of incoming people. Advanced ATS systems also use AI to match candidates to jobs, schedule interviews, and can be used for candidate relationship marketing (CRM) to target and communicate with candidates. 

Almost all mid to large companies need an ATS because these tools maintain the ongoing relationship between employers and their job candidates. Even if a job-seeker does not receive an offer (or may reject an offer), the ATS maintains this person for the possibility of future employment for a limited time period. ATSs have extensive analytics to measure the impact of various sourcing campaigns (job advertisements, job placements, university recruiting, events) and  have open APIs to integrate with video interviewing tools, prehire assessments, background checking, and other applications.

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