The New World of Wellbeing

This Program, a refreshed version of our Wellbeing at Work Course, explores The Josh Bersin Company's "Healthy Organization" framework to give you a research-based, holistic approach to employee wellbeing.

The New World of Wellbeing starts by highlighting the evolution of employee wellbeing and asks you to take a look at what is already happening at your organization. Then, it dives into the key areas that make up a holistic wellbeing program: health and safety at work, mental resilience, physical health, financial fitness, and family and community.

The Program features a collection of global stories and lots of examples to help you, as an HR Practitioner or Leader, focus your attention on the most urgent and systemic wellbeing strategies that drive value.

  • ApproachOnline social learning, teams of 30-50

  • Learning Time6-8 hours

  • Duration5 weeks. Next starting: April 24, 2023
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Key Questions You’ll Explore in this Program

What are the core categories of a comprehensive wellbeing program?

What are some best practices for rolling out wellbeing programs?

What makes a workplace safe and healthy?

How can we initiate inclusive conversations about mental wellbeing to reduce stigma?

Why is individual mental resilience critical to organizational success?

What kinds of non-traditional financial fitness programs can we offer?

What are the key tenets of a healthy workplace?

Field Manuals

The New World of Wellbeing Program is made up of 6 Field Manuals (our version of an online module). Each one contains a variety of types of content and social exercises culminating in a mini-project, reflection, or debate. Each Field Manual will take you between 30-45 minutes to complete but you can jump on and off at your own pace, as often as you’d like. The deeper learning happens in the discussions with your fellow learners so be sure to check in on the conversations regularly.

Wellbeing and the Healthy Organization

Wellbeing, when put into practice, is about more than just our physical or even mental wellness. It’s about cultivating an environment, a culture, and an organization that enables us to all be our healthiest selves, both in and outside the “office.” What is a healthy organization, and how do we know we’re a part of one? This Field Manual explores a more holistic approach to our individual and collective wellbeing.

A Safe and Healthy Workplace

A safe workplace is the foundation upon which healthy organizations are built. The 2020 pandemic made safety and health a top priority for many organizations, and it's essential that organizations carry this focus forward and continue to promote this fundamental aspect of wellbeing for their employees. This Field Manual focuses on what it takes to build a safe and healthy workplace.

Physical Health

When many of us think of wellbeing programs, we mostly think about perks aimed at keeping us physically well (and health insurance costs low). But to stay a truly healthy organization, we need to think creatively about how we can support healthy habits by designing physical wellbeing programs that people really want to use. This Field Manual explores how we can make healthy choices just a little bit easier for our people.

Mental Wellbeing

A healthy mind is foundational to our core abilities to function, and is, therefore, an essential component of a healthy organization. But mental wellness isn’t only about mitigating stress or addressing mental illness when it arises. When we can help our people build mental resilience, we can also boost their feelings of belonging, purpose, and happiness. This Field Manual digs into how we can best do that, including how to break through any stigma around mental health and deliver real results for our people and the organization at large.

Financial Fitness

There are few things in life that can drive us to stress and distraction more than financial anxiety. Yet it’s not a given that organizations provide benefits and guidance for employee financial health. This Field Manual discusses how looking for ways to comprehensively support employee financial health is good for everyone’s bottom line.

Social Health and Community Service

If we ever thought that there was a real boundary between our lives at work and outside of it, the pandemic has shown us otherwise. A strong wellbeing program takes this seriously and offers opportunities for employees to be the people they want to be no matter where they are. This Field Manual explores the relation between our lives both in and outside the “office” and how we can support connection.

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