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The HR Tech Workshop


The HR Tech Workshop is for HR professionals who are responsible for designing, implementing, and transforming the HR Tech ecosystem in their organizations, either directly or indirectly. It introduces an iterative process for assessing, discovering, testing, scaling, and improving HR technology and asks you to go through that process as a team. You will be briefed on a real business problem and will work together to design and start building a solution. Along the way, you'll learn how Josh makes sense of the HR Tech landscape; how he evaluates vendors; the lessons he's learned on how to best run pilots and other experiments; and how he recommends rolling out HR Tech solutions at scale.

  • ApproachOnline social learning, teams of 30-50

  • Learning Time5-6 hours

  • Duration5 weeks - Check Program Schedule

Field Manuals

Solving the Right Problem

Introduces the business challenge to be solved and techniques for framing and discovery.

Making Sense of the Landscape

A deep dive into the structure and changes of different HR Tech areas, changes based on the topic.

Evaluating Vendors

How to find, categorize, engage with, and choose the right vendors

Designing Pilots

Using the principles of experimentation to test and evaluate solutions, in real-world conditions.

Engaging Stakeholders

How to creatively bring stakeholder needs and perspectives into the process to ensure successful adoption


Each participant will take a final quiz and write a draft introduction of a real RFP for the technology you focused on in your workshop. This will serve as the Final Exam for the Workshop.

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