Talent Acquisition at a Crossroads

Talent acquisition is the most urgent challenge facing HR today. Organizations need new skills and capabilities, but talent is scarce and competition is fierce. In all the uncertainty, one thing is clear: those who can recruit, retain, and develop great talent will quickly gain a competitive advantage.

This course will introduce you to all the major issues in talent acquisition: employment brand, sourcing, diversity hiring, early career hiring, assessment, interviewing, and the enormous role of technology. Every HR professional is involved in the recruiting and talent selection process, so regardless of your role this course will teach you how to hire.

  • ApproachOnline social learning, teams of 30-50

  • Learning Time4-6 Hours

  • Duration5 weeks. Next starting: October 23, 2023
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Key Questions You’ll Explore in this Program

How has the shift to remote and hybrid work changed the talent acquisition landscape?

How do we represent our brand, culture, and unique value during the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring processes?

How has the concept of an employer brand evolved and how should our organizations respond?

What are today’s best practices for creating and sustaining a world-class recruiting ecosystem?

How can talent acquisition strategy become a key competitive advantage for our organizations?

Field Manuals

Talent Acquisition at a Crossroads is made up of five Field Manuals (our version of an online module). Each one contains different types of content and social exercises, all culminating in a mini-project, reflection, or debate. Each Field Manual takes 30–45 minutes to complete. You can jump on and off at your own pace, as often as you’d like.

All our online learning is built to be interactive and highly social. The best insights often arise in discussions with your fellow learners. Be sure to check in on the conversations regularly.

A Turning Point for Talent Acquisition

We start with a data-driven look at talent acquisition now, as the global economy emerges from the pandemic and the job market stays tight. We’ll explore these larger trends’ implications, both for TA professionals and the HR partners who support them. And we’ll look at how the most forward-thinking organizations are adapting to this complex moment.

Authentic Employer Brands

In the realm of talent acquisition, our brand as an employer can be our most powerful asset...or our biggest challenge. Especially now. In an age of radical transparency, this Field Manual delves into building and maintaining an employer brand that is effective, meaningful, and authentic. In particular, we’ll focus on how to be inclusive and welcoming while staying connected to your organization’s overall branding, too.

High-Impact Candidate Experiences

From the moment a prospect enters our ecosystem to their first day on the job, every element of our brand experience should be efficient and intentional. This will allow us to consistently and thoughtfully communicate our organization’s unique value at each touchpoint in the acquisition journey. Outlining the combination of technology, process, and culture that will help you deliver a high-impact candidate experience, this Field Manual explores how to make your recruiting as effective as possible.

Recruiting Ecosystems

Today’s organizations call for talent acquisition processes that are fast, efficient, and rapidly scalable. This is only possible with the deliberate creation of a highly functional recruiting ecosystem. This Field Manual highlights key considerations for crafting these ecosystems, including identifying the right balance of internal recruiters and external partners and building the digital infrastructure that will make it all possible.

Internal Talent Mobility

For many of our organizations, the biggest untapped source of talent is also the closest to home: our own employees. In this Field Manual, we’ll shed light on the marked growth of internal talent marketplaces in recent years and how these marketplaces enable organizations to find previously unseen talent and fill talent gaps at a fraction of the cost of external recruiting.

The Future is Now

In this final Field Manual, we ask what comes next in talent acquisition. And how we can make sure we’re ready. Talent acquisition teams that have embraced new models, new mindsets, and new technologies (including AI) are having an outsized impact on their organizations. We’ll explore how this is creating a long-term competitive advantage––and how we can replicate these approaches in our own work.

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