Coaching at Scale

The Coaching at Scale Program, based on research from BetterUp, offers a new look at the power and reach of coaching in today’s challenging climate. Designed primarily for an HR audience, it offers both a philosophical look at how the mindset around individualized, one-on-one development has shifted, as well as a practical look at how we can best scale coaching across large organizations in today’s uncertain and highly remote environment.

In this Program, you’ll learn how and why coaching is being democratized throughout the organization, and why it should no longer be only for high-potentials or those in positions of formal leadership. And it highlights the impact coaching at all levels can have on productivity, profit, and purpose across the organization.

Coaching at Scale offers new insights and tools to help HR arm the full organization to implement coaching at scale. It offers practical strategies for implementing digital coaching initiatives, including recommendations on when coaching should be done in-house versus through external offerings. It looks at what it means to coach whole teams instead of individual employees and explores how those two views of coaching complement each other.

Drawing from the latest science-based research, this Program shows how both informal and formal approaches to coaching can have large-scale impact during these times of uncertainty and beyond—debunking some of the most common myths about coaching we see in HR and throughout the organization along the way.

  • ApproachOnline social learning, teams of 30-50

  • Learning Time3-5 Hours

  • Duration5 weeks. Next starting: May 31, 2023
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Key Questions You’ll Explore in this Program

What does it really mean to coach at scale and how do you do it?

How are digital tools helping to democratize coaching?

Who should receive coaching and who should be doing it?

What does neuroscience say about behavior change and how does it relate to coaching?

What does coaching help to change within an organization?

How do you coach individuals and whole teams?

Why is coaching particularly important during times of uncertainty?

Field Manuals

The Coaching at Scale Program is made up of 4 Field Manuals (our version of an online module). Each one contains a variety of types of content and social exercises culminating in a mini-project, reflection, or debate. Each Field Manual will take you between 30-45 minutes to complete but you can jump on and off at your own pace, as often as you’d like. The deeper learning happens in the discussions with your fellow learners so be sure to check in on the conversations regularly

Shifting Mindsets

Coaching was long considered a “nice to have” practice mostly reserved for leadership and select high-potentials. It was almost exclusively conducted through in-person, one-on-one sessions. This Field Manual explores how and why these trends are shifting. It also outlines how changes in mindset and practice that were shifting prior to the pandemic are now being accelerated—and what that means for HR.

Changing Behavior

Coaching is a powerful tool on its own, but the research shows it can be a game changer when paired with other development offerings. This Field Manual explores the neuroscience behind sustainable behavior change and discusses how coaching is a critical tool in both creating those changes and helping them stick. It also asks us to change our own behavior about how and where HR can better leverage coaching across our development portfolio.

Building Ecosystems

The digital revolution and the rise of coaching platforms have shifted both who has access to coaching and how we implement initiatives, as well as vastly expanding the pool of coaches globally. This Field Manual discusses what it means to build a coaching ecosystem—and offers practical tips for leveraging internal and external coaches, managers, peers, and platforms—in the process.

Empowering Teams

Coaching at scale is not only about coaching more individuals—it’s about creating a culture of coaching at the individual, team, and organizational levels. It’s about empowering individual contributors, managers, and senior leadership to get the most out of coaching efforts and to see its true value. This Field Manual looks at what that means and offers tangible tools that we can use in HR to make coaching more sustainable and effective.

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