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Whether you're an experienced professional or just starting in the industry, our courses can help you stay ahead. Our interactive, online HR courses provide you with the skills to perform at the highest level in your organization.

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AI in HR

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Understand AI's critical role in talent acquisition, learning, and development, driving efficiency and future work transformations. The aim of this course is to give you a primer for the many AI conversations you’re having (or will be having soon) so that you are comfortable, informed, and excited to be a part of solutioning in your organization.

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People as Competitive Advantage

Session starts March 4

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How do we attract and retain the right people? How do we engage them? What does digital mean for our people, our customers, and the ways we work? How do we redesign our organizations to best leverage, empower, and inspire them? People as Competitive Advantage explores these questions and asks how we can best transform ourselves and our organizations to put people first.

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Career and Talent Mobility

Session starts March 6

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In the Career and Talent Mobility course, we’ll explore these issues and the leading-edge answers that organizations are discovering. We’ll break old ways of thinking to embrace newer, more flexible, more employee-centered ways of thinking. We’ll investigate essential tools such as developing career pathways and talent marketplaces and look at the impact all of this has on HR.

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