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Talent Marketplace

A “talent marketplace” is a place where an employee can go to find learning opportunities, job opportunities, projects, gigs, or mentors aligned with their areas of interest, all without having to go through hierarchical approvals. These platforms link with the HCM systems, job portals, and the LMS to point people to what they need to develop a new skill or embark on a new job or career. 

A talent marketplace is used by employees, managers, and HR to develop and move talent around the organization. Powered by employee profiles and work/growth opportunities, a talent marketplace serves to match employees with jobs or assignments anywhere in the company. It provides many benefits: for companies, it enables high visibility into the skills available, and quickly taps into existing talent to fill high-priority business needs, which is more important than ever in the current labor market. For employees, a talent marketplace signals opportunities to stretch and learn and grow in their careers, and it acts a mechanism to increase engagement and retention. 

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