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Human-Centered Leadership

“Human-centered leadership” is a model of leadership that considers people first and business second. Human-centered leaders prioritize the needs of employees over the needs of the business and, guided by that philosophy, lead the way to more sustainable business success. For a better understanding of this model, let’s see how it differs from business-centered leadership.

Business-centered leadership focuses on how to grow, optimize, and improve the business, with a focus on innovation, marketing, growth, operations, R&D, manufacturing, quality, and financial results. It focuses on teaching leaders about technology, the competitive marketplace, supply chains, and competitive advantage.

Human-centered leadership focuses on hiring, developing, coaching, inspiring, and pushing people to grow, innovate, serve customers, and improve the company. It focuses on teaching leaders to understand what makes people thrive, what drives creativity and problem solving in the company, and how organizations can support people during times of change, stress, or disruption.

Human-centered leaders believe in people as the source of their organization's competitive advantage and the key to business success. Therefore, they act in ways that allow each person to do their best and unleash their full potential.


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