The Josh Bersin Academy celebrates three years

May 9th, 2022

This month, we’re celebrating the third birthday of the Josh Bersin Academy. What a three years it’s been!

Our partners at Nomadic wrote a fantastic post summarizing why we created the Josh Bersin Academy, and the role this community has played in the past three years of the HR profession. We especially liked what they had to say about how our HR community has become a place where people not only come together to learn, but also then bring back what they've learned to become leaders within their organizations:

We’re proud of the ways the broader global HR community has risen to the challenges that have emerged, and of the role the Josh Bersin Academy has played powering this community. In just three years, we’ve grown into the largest learning-based HR community in the world, with over 30,000 members across 146 countries and over 500 organizations represented. Each of these tens of thousands of learners is leading their organization through unprecedented uncertainty.

A digital HR community for navigating times of change

One of the most exciting things in the past three years is how much the Josh Bersin Academy has grown.

Since we launched in May 2019, we’ve grown to become the world's largest HR capability academy. Together—through our learning, our curiosity, and our resilience—this group of 30,000 professionals helped lead the larger HR community through some of the most difficult challenges to ever face our field.

From the transition to remote and hybrid work, to the Great Resignation and the talent transformation, to an increased and much-needed focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, our community has tackled today's top HR issues with optimism, curiousity, and resilience, leading their colleagues along the way.

As Sujatha Das, global head of learning at Tavant and one of our Community Champions, said about our HR academy: "You get a lot of perspectives, ideas, views from experts, peers, and colleagues all across the globe. This is somewhere one can truly practice continual and lifelong learning!”

Cheers to three great years. We look forward to many more.


Bringing together HR professionals from around in the world in our cohort-based HR capability academy also gives us great insight into trends, challenges, and what's next in the world of HR and learning. You can explore some of these insights in our new Talent Transformation Report, based on quantitative and qualitative data from 1,000 HR and L&D professionals. It covers topics like internal hiring, AI in talent acquisition, fostering internal mobility, and how you can shape the future of talent strategy at your organization.

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