Human-Centered Leadership: our newest online HR course

February 17th, 2022

The term “human-centered leadership” may seem redundant, as the whole idea of leading is to deal with people. But traditional leadership was all about performance, profitability, deadlines, projects, status reports, and results. Human-centered leadership, on the other hand, puts people first and makes success happen with people, not despite them.

Human-centeredness seems like an obvious core HR philosophy. But the history of the HR function has often taught us to put people behind process and business needs.

Why humand-centered leadership matters for HR

When we think about human-centered leadership in an HR context, it takes on even more meaning. Given our work and the very name of our function, human-centeredness seems like an obvious core HR philosophy. But, as we and our employees know, this is not often the case. The history of the HR function has, ironically, taught us to put people behind process and business needs. But now, that has changed.

The pandemic has led to all sorts of shifts, from increased hybrid and remote work, to a deepened focus on wellness and employee engagement. All this change has given rise to a new kind of leader, who puts the needs and experiences of people on par with profitability and recognizes that, without investments in people, organizations will fail. Our newest HR Certificate Program is all about this shift away from business-centered leadership and toward a culture that puts people at the center.

Human-Centered Leadership, based on the latest research from the Josh Bersin Company, examines the emergence of the human-centered leader and the impact a leadership style prioritizing empathy and wellbeing can have on an organization. We'll help learners become human-centered leaders themselves, and help them support their organization on the journey toward a wider culture of human-centered leadership.

The Human-Centered Leadership Program features:

  • Strategies for becoming a human-centered leader
  • Tips for prioritizing wellbeing
  • Key actions for creating a human-centered culture
  • Methods for measuring successful human-centered leadership

We look forward to diving into this important topic with you. Read more about our Human-Centered Leadership Program and sign up today!