Josh Bersin’s 2022 Predictions: A Sneak Peek

January 14th, 2022

What’s next for HR in 2022? The coming year will bring huge transformations in how we think about everything from employee experience, to L&D, to hybrid work, and more.

Check out a sneak preview of some of our biggest predictions below, and don’t forget to download your free copy of HR Predictions for 2022 for a full exploration of what HR professionals can expect in the coming year.

HR Trends in 2022: People

  • The intense focus on employee experience will become mainstream. EX—from minor details of employees' workdays to fundamental issues of culture and purpose—will continue to be central to everything HR does. I hope our conversations grow more specific and actionable so companies can continue to make meaningful EX progress.

  • Learning, skills, and career pathways will become business-critical. L&D has been a must-have for a while, but it's only recently that leaders have begun to see it as a real competitive advantage. Organizations that can tie learning back to their goals and deploy L&D tech strategically will quickly get ahead.

  • The CHRO role will be integral to organizational success. The past two years put HR leadership at the center of business recovery, and we’ll only see this influence grow. Alongside the elevation of this role, we've also seen an expansion of the types of professionals tapped to lead the HR function, including those with backgrounds in organization development, people analytics, or business operations.

HR Trends in 2022: HR Tech

  • New tools will help hybrid work evolve. The big trend in 2022 will be tech that fundamentally improves the hybrid work experience, including everything from more robust features on widely adopted solutions such as Teams to more cutting-edge initiatives like virtual reality onboarding and training. Don't be afraid to think big. It's a great time to get creative about using tech to make EX better.

  • Every company will need a talent marketplace platform. The best organizations are already exploring ways to open up internal opportunities to current staff and allow a bottom-up approach to jobcrafting. In a tight hiring market, this trend will continue, and the employers that do it best will rise to the top.

  • Companies will need to rearchitect their HR technology. We're riding a new wave of tech consolidation. This year, we'll see standalone vendors begin to merge, with the bigger vendors making their plays to own the entire tech stack.

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