Announcing brand-new Josh Bersin Academy gift cards

December 21st, 2021

For the first time ever, we’re offering Josh Bersin Academy gift cards. It’s never been easier to give your friend or colleague a membership to the world’s largest HR community!

In many ways, 2021 was the year HR got a seat at the table. With challenges like recruitment, capability building, and employee engagement moving from the periphery of business to the center, organizations are realizing: people strategy is business strategy.

The question is, are we ready to seize this important moment in our industry? Like many of you, we believe that learning is the number one way to stay on the cutting edge of transformation. And we’re honored that our global community has helped so many people connect, learn, and grow their careers and organizations during such a transformative time in our field.

Looking ahead to the new year, we’re excited to continue growing this community and helping passionate HR professionals learn from their peers, share insights and challenges, and explore new ideas as we all get ready for this new, elevated HR role.

Give the gift of learning with a Josh Bersin Academy gift card

Help your friend or colleague flourish in this new HR world with a Josh Bersin Academy gift card! Gift cards include twelve-month and three-month options. In order to redeem the three-month membership gift card, the recipient must create an annual account and purchase the remaining nine months.

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