2021 Report: Insights for Employee Wellbeing in a Complex Time

April 16th, 2021

We recently launched our 2021 Wellbeing Market and Trends report, authored by Josh Bersin Academy senior faculty member Nancy Vitale. The report is full of insights for HR leaders thinking deeply about employee wellbeing, including a comprehensive summary of companies offering corporate wellbeing solutions. Each summary describes our view of the company’s focus, features, and general take on the idea of “wellbeing.” We hope this will be helpful for HR leaders looking for innovative ways to support their employees during this time.

The report also features the top eleven trends we saw in employer wellbeing efforts in 2021. There are so many interesting new approaches and ways of thinking about wellbeing. This is especially true as employers move to a more holistic vision of what “wellbeing” means.

Without a doubt, wellbeing acumen is now an essential skill for HR leaders––and something that must not only be part of a benefits package, but also embedded into the company’s culture.

It’s a stressful time for employees and employers, making supporting employee wellbeing more challenging than ever. Yet these same challenges are driving a more authentic conversation about what wellbeing really means, whether employees are working in the office or from home.

It’s a fascinating time to be keeping an eye on new ideas and emerging trends in this space. Here are a few of the most interesting insights from our report.

  • In Deloitte’s 2020 Human Capital Trends survey of about 10,000 executives around the globe, wellbeing was rated as the most important issue on C-Level executives’ minds––meaning that even before the pandemic hit, business leaders were recognizing its importance.
  • The corporate wellbeing market is now estimated to be around $61 billion, according to a Grandview Research industry report publication from February 2020. It will be interesting to see if, and how, this figure shifts in 2021.
  • In an effort to recognize the unique circumstances of each of their employees, some companies have looked for ways to recognize and honor the new level of work-life integration that has emerged in the past year. As one example, Banco Santander sponsored a virtual event where employees and their families simply made music together. We’ll be keeping an eye on efforts like these that take a wider view of how employers can support a culture of wellbeing among their staff.

For a full look at the wellbeing solutions summary, top 2021 trends, and more, download a free copy of the report by completing this short form.