Introducing the 2021 Josh Bersin Academy schedule

January 26th, 2021

HR is undergoing a profound transformation at a rapid speed, made even faster by current events. (Case in point: did any of us imagine a year ago that everyday workplace decisions would soon be a matter of public health policy?) At the Josh Bersin Academy, we’re committed to providing the education, resources, leadership, and insights the HR function needs to thrive in challenging times.

We put our all into helping you and your teams meet this moment, and today we’re excited to announce our upcoming schedule of new Programs and research. While we like to think of these as the big themes we’re tackling, we’ll also be refining and adding to these in response to your input over the course of the year. You can also expect new updates and initiatives (more on those soon) to enrich your Academy experience.

Here’s what’s coming up, and we want to point out that this is a small subset of all we're introducing. Note that we are now producing Excellence research reports coupled with many of our JBA Programs. These research studies investigate best practices, maturity models, and will include diagnostics and tools to help you in major areas of HR.

Elevating Equity Program and Excellence Research Report: Elevating Equity is not a traditional diversity, equity, and inclusion course: this is a Program centered on effective actions that drive real, measurable change. Addressing the systemic inequalities baked into our organizations is a challenge that taps into the very core of the “human” mission of our work as HR professionals. It also poses the opportunity for us to lead one of the most important strategic business initiatives of the decade, forever expanding the cross-functional role of HR. This launch will also coincide with the release of the findings and analysis from our “Elevating Equity” research. February 2021.

The HR Consultant: Masterclass with Bill Pelster: As the HR function continues to evolve into a strategic partner to every part of the business, we are increasingly called upon to act as internal consultants. This Masterclass offers a deep dive into consulting and centers on the insights, lessons, and stories of a single expert: JBA’s own Chief Client Officer, Bill Pelster. In addition to his previous role as the Chief Learning Officer at Deloitte, Bill has over 20 years of consulting experience across North America, Europe, and Asia. March 2021

The Irresistible Organization Study - April 2021 This research is an exhaustive and in-depth look at Excellence in Employee Experience investments. Please join us here. And if you'd like to be interviewed, we want to hear from you.

Developing Corporate Capabilities: Masterclass with Josh Bersin: In this masterclass, Josh shares all he has learned about building corporate capability models, and demystifies the differences between job competencies, skills, and strategic capabilities. He explains how the JBA Capability Project was developed and gives many examples you can use to develop your company's long term growth strategy.

Voice of The Employee As new ways of working and new pressure on work-life balance ramp up, we’ll explore best practices for understanding and improving employee engagement. We’ll dive into the new systems, benchmarks, and strategies that are redefining employee engagement, employee experience, and HR more broadly. This JBA program will launch in the Spring, and is designed to help you develop your global employee survey, feedback, and behavior change strategy.

Excellence in Wellbeing Study - May 2021 - We are soon to launch our 2021 Wellbeing Market study. In May we will publish our study of Excellence in Corporate Wellbeing, which will include a maturity model, in-depth analysis of best practices, and case studies

Talent Acquisition At Scale: An all star group of faculty from the JBA are working on an in-depth look at the present and future of Talent Acquisition, across the entire lifecycle. We'll hear from some of the world's leading innovators and thinkers in the Talent space and ask the entire JBA community to help us re-imagine what comes next. Spring 2021

Organization Design Excellence Study - One of the biggest issues companies face is the redesign of teams, the organization, and work itself. We are embarking on a large Excellence study of all aspects of OD and plan to introduce new models and examples, including a deep look at Agile organizational solutions. July 2021

Organizational Design For The Future It’s time to reimagine how we approach organizational design. We’ll dive into the changing shape of organizational structures, hierarchies, networks, job roles and functions in an increasingly digital and distributed world. Summer 2021

Total Rewards Excellence Study - Throughout the Pandemic companies have been adjusting pay, bonus, and other forms of rewards and benefits. As the job market heats up this year we are studing everything from executive pay to hourly policies, and plan to show you what Excellent companies do in this critical area. August 2021