How Do You Balance Staying Agile and Pivoting when Needed?

August 28th, 2020

When we choose a learning strategy for our team or organization, we have to stick with it for at least long enough to measure success. But in our changing world of work, that’s easier said than done. Often, new circumstances or ideas arise that tempt us to abandon course. How do we allow enough time, and ensure we don’t pivot too early?

This month, Pamay Bassey, CLO of Kraft Heinz, led a Q&A webinar exclusive to Josh Bersin Academy members about building an Agile learning organization. From her perspective, it’s helpful to stay the course when you create your core value proposition and strategy. The agility comes in when you see that there's a new idea that may enhance your original path. When that happens, it helps to be responsive and flexible enough within the framework of what, hopefully, is somewhat of an evergreen learning strategy.

Pamay answered a number of other questions about creating and strengthening learning organizations. She shared examples based on her experience, and offered solutions for JBA learners who are working to get buy-in from their organizations as they work to enhance their learning strategies.

The webinar recording is now available to all members of the Josh Bersin Academy. To check it out, and to join in on upcoming webinars with HR leaders, join the JBA today.