Community Roundup July 2020

July 20th, 2020

The Josh Bersin Academy is much more than a cutting-edge learning program; it is also a professional network where HR professionals can connect, share, and collaborate with peers across industries and geographies. The Community allows all members to share insights, work together to solve problems, and get practical help from peers and experts. Here are five fascinating conversations happening in the JBA Community right now:

1. Taking a leadership role. Community member Sujatha Das shared an article she wrote for People Matters called “Leadership in the changing world.” In it, she explores the qualities that HR leaders should embrace to help their teams through times of uncertainty and change. The piece focuses on curiosity, resilience, and empathy, among other topics. Check out Sujatha’s article here.

2. All about remote onboarding. Community member Dudu Moloko jumpstarted a lively conversation about how to bring new employees onboard remotely. Fellow community members and leaders shared innovative ideas for engaging new employees, including implementing 3-D imaging! Check out some of Josh’s broader thoughts on remote work here.

3. Bias and advocacy. Community member Alonso Landa shared a powerful TED Talk that discusses how to identify our own biases and then subvert them to be better advocates for the employee community. Other members of the community jumped in with their own thoughts on seeking a diversity of perspectives. Check out the TED Talk here.

4. Helping employees connect. Community member Shanaye La Beaud got the community talking about best practices and areas of concern as HR thinks through the practicalities of remote work. One major topic: access to good internet connectivity. This problem (and its solutions) fall under the “Respond” phase of the Big Reset. Check out Josh’s take on the three phases here.

5. Pink-striped shoes. Community member Tyrone Floro shared a compelling post highlighting his favorite pair of pink-striped shoes. For him, wearing colorful shoes (instead of the more corporate black leather) was a symbol of a cultural transformation at his organization pre-pandemic. Now he asks, will Covid-19 accelerate transformation in all its forms? Explore Josh’s thoughts on HR transformation here.

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