What We’ve Achieved In Our First Year

June 10th, 2020

At the Josh Bersin Academy, we celebrated our first anniversary this past May.

Since we launched the Academy in 2019, HR professionals from some of the biggest global brands—including IBM, Prudential Hong Kong, Verizon, Vodafone, Jardine Matheson, Lego A/S, and Tata—have collectively spent 24,500 hours (equivalent to three years) learning.

Our 10,000+ members are participating in Programs covering the latest HR challenges, exchanging ideas, and discussing a range of workplace issues in our Community. More than 65,400 conversations have taken place in the Academy this year.

Since the Covid-19 crisis began, enrollments in the Academy have increased dramatically as HR and talent management professionals seek advice and support. The number of new Academy licenses more than doubled from March to April, and more than tripled from April to May.

“We’ve seen huge increases in membership and engagement over recent weeks, as HR leaders take stock of Covid-19 and begin to figure out what this all means for employees and the workplace, both now and in the longer term,” said Josh Bersin. “It has become clear that the Academy is so much more than a professional development academy. It has become the home for HR—a place to discuss disruptions, emerging trends, and crises like the unprecedented one we're facing now.”

“Make no mistake, this Big Reset will forever change relationships between employers and their people,” he added. “Ways of working, budgets and priorities, leadership styles, trust and ethics—even the role of HR itself—are all up for review. It’s why we’re seeing new members—both companies and individual HR professionals—signing up in such high numbers now.”

Here are a few ways the JBA has responded to the Covid-19 crisis:

  • In March, the Academy created a Covid-focused Community channel to give members a place to discuss in real-time the challenges they were facing. Conversation topics have ranged from the essential steps of business reset plans to maintaining employee engagement to communication strategies.
  • In early April, the Academy launched the Remote Work Bootcamp, a Program designed to help HR teams support remote work in their organizations.
  • Throughout April and May, the Academy has released a variety of new Resources on topics such as new thinking on leadership, remote hiring, and psychological and physical safety.
  • In early May, the Academy organized four Big Reset working groups comprised of approximately 150 HR and talent leaders from around the world and across all industry sectors. These groups are meeting weekly and taking deep dives into these areas: culture and organizational resilience, changing business and workforce models, learning and development, and return-to-work playbooks.

We’re grateful to our members for their engagement, and for making our Community so vibrant, dynamic, and helpful. If you’d like to be a part of the Academy, join today.