JBA Members Discuss Coronavirus Challenges

April 28th, 2020

Our Community page in the Josh Bersin Academy is the place for our global HR professionals to share their ideas, seek advice, and help each other solve problems. Members are also contributing to our “Coronavirus Responses” channel to address this specific crisis. Here’s a quick roundup of what they’ve been talking about this month:

Fair performance management: The current crisis is impacting people in various ways. On the same team at work, one employee could be juggling homeschooling with work, while another has even more free time to dedicate to her career. One JBA member is asking for insight on how to ensure performance management during this time is fair to those who are crunched for time—through no fault of their own.

Benefits for parents: Flexible hours for everyone—but especially parents—during this crisis is a given at this point. What other benefits can HR look into giving its employees who are also parents? One JBA member is developing a framework for her company as it looks to offer new, helpful benefits for parents who are also homeschooling children at this time.

Employee engagement: The concept of employee engagement might seem like a luxury during this time, but it’s just as vital for organizational success as ever. But achieving it while the team is remote takes a bit of creativity. One JBA member provided a detailed list of tactics to maintain engagement throughout the crisis that his company is implementing.

Remote work: The rapid shift to remote work that the coronavirus crisis caused is the undercurrent of many discussions in Community. Members are asking for tips on updated remote work guidelines, speculating on how much of the workforce will even want to return to the office, and sharing tips on how to thrive in this new normal. They’re also diving deeper into this topic by participating in the Remote Work Bootcamp.

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