Introducing Learner Journeys

April 9th, 2020

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new feature in the Josh Bersin Academy: Learner Journeys.

Learner Journeys are curated, step-by-step guides through content in the Academy. Journeys bring together all the ways members learn in the Academy—Programs, Resources, and Community—under specific HR topic areas.

Our first two Journeys are The Data-Driven HR Journey and The HR Tech Journey. Here’s what they look like:

The Data-Driven HR Journey: In this Journey you will complete two Programs and 30 Resources focused on the role that data plays in our work today, especially our work as HR professionals. It will help you better understand not only why data is so critical to our work but also how to get meaningful data, how to make sense of the data once you have it, and how to share it in a way that your teams and leaders can understand.

The HR Tech Journey: This Journey is designed to help you see through the confusion of the HR Tech landscape without losing the excitement. You’ll complete two Programs and 30 Resources focused on better navigating HR Tech and AI. It introduces an iterative process for assessing, discovering, testing, scaling, and improving HR technology and dives deeply into how AI and other technologies are augmenting our work.

Journeys will also encourage you to start discussions and share what you’ve learned so far in Community. Members can complete the steps in any order and at your own pace. When you complete a Learner Journey—by taking the specified Programs and Resources, and writing Community posts—you’ll receive a badge to display on your profile.

We’ll be launching more Learner Journeys in the coming months, as well.

To get started, join the Josh Bersin Academy today. For the next 3 months (until June 30th) you can subscribe to the Academy for just $25 / month or for $250 / year, saving $150 on our normal price.